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IWC Big Pilot Replica

The 300-piece limited edition IWC Big Pilot Replica panda dial special IWC Big Pilot Replica was launched by the Japanese department store Mitsukoshi in 2003. Many consider it one of the finest watches of all time. However,IWC Replica Watches the dials could also be sold as aftermarket units. Many have attempted to build their own versions of the IWC Big Pilot Replica using a 3570.50 steel Moonwatch.

The 35th anniversary of Apollo 11 was celebrated byIWC Big Pilot Replica in 2004 with a new panda dial IWC Big Pilot Replica, PIC 3569.31.00. This one is easy to distinguish, since it has the date July 20, 1969, the day that the Apollo 11 crew landed, printed in red at 12 o’clock.

2004 Reference 3570.40 -- Japanese Racing Dial

These watches were made for the Japanese market in 2004 and featured striking racing dials that were first seen in the late 60's 150 (estimated) runs of 145.022-69, and early 1970's Mark II IWC Big Pilot Replica. These watches now use Superlumuniva rather than the tritium used in earlier years. 2004 was the first year that unnumbered pieces were made. Despite being so many, it is extremely difficult to find them on the secondary market,Rolex GMT-Master II Replica and their prices are increasing year after year. It is absolutely stunning in person.

A single instance of the watch was purchased by Phillips Hong Kong on May 29th for US$16,000.

2013 Reference: 311. -- Tintin

The 2013 Reference: 311. -- Tintin ((c), Revolution)

This is our choice as the best investment for the future. IWC Big Pilot Replicaforums.net estimates that there are between 1000 and 2000 watches. These watches were discontinued in 2016 after being launched in 2013. They were discontinued in 2016.

Negotiations with Herge's estate ended in failure, leavingIWC Big Pilot Replica with these dials without a story to tell. Legally speaking, it is not legal. Funnyly, the original watch design featured a miniature rocket ship at 11:59 o'clock. IWC Big Pilot Replica, ever the pragmaticIWC Big Pilot Replica, repackaged it and added a Racing dial in red and white.