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IWC Aquatimer Replica

Between May and June 1970, 150 watches of 145.022-69 were shipped to Switzerland. The IWC Aquatimer Replica Mark 2 had a racing dial that was more common in IWC Aquatimer Replica Mark 2. These watches are highly collectible and rare, but they must be accompanied with an extract from the archive in order to prove their authenticity.

This is the image of the watch that Phillips sold in 2016. It was at their Start-Stop Reset: 88 Epic Stainless Steel Chronographs Sale. It cost CHF 57.500.

This watch is the very first black dial yellow-gold IWC Aquatimer Replica. It was produced in an edition of 999 watches with solid case backs, 250 watches with displaybacks in a special presentation box. It is distinguished by the presence of gold frames around the three sub dials. Only the 7-piece MIR 365 edition IWC Aquatimer Replica has such a dial.

The best thing about this watch, and the first reason it is so cool, is thatIWC Aquatimer Replica released it to celebrate the powerful calibre 321. IWC Aquatimer Replica's 1942 27 CHRO C12 project,Replica Watches which eventually produced the 321, was 50 years old in 1992. This was the occasionIWC Aquatimer Replica fitted this watch with the COSC certified calibre 864, which made it the first COSC-certified manual wound Speedy.

2003 Reference PIC 3578.51.00 -- Blue Snoopy

The 2003 commemorative Reference PIC 3578.51.00 -- Blue Snoopy. Image:IWC Aquatimer Replicawatches.com

The "Snoopy", like the Speedy Tuesday, is a rare limited edition that has seen a rapid increase in its value. The "mission patch" watches featured the designs on a subdial. NASA awarded the Silver Snoopy award to NASA employees and colleagues for their outstanding contributions to safety and success.

NASA presented the first Snoopy awards in 1968 with support from Charles Schulz (the Peanuts creator), who was a passionate supporter of the US's space program. Another connection was made with the Apollo 10 mission when Peanuts characters were used for calls signs. After its participation in the Apollo 13 mission in which Jack Swigert's IWC Aquatimer Replica made the crucial 14-second fuel burn,IWC Aquatimer Replica was awarded a Silver Snoopy Award in 1970.

PIC3578.51.00 was released byIWC Aquatimer Replica in 2003.audemars piguet replica watches It featured Snoopy wearing a blue astronaut's costume, with a black dial and an edition of 5441 pieces. This was in reference to the Apollo 13 mission which took 142 hours 54 minutes and 41 seconds. These watches easily sell for between PS12,000 and PS15,000. The white-dialled Silver Snoopy Award of 2015, which was issued in an edition of 70 watches, is not far behind. Prices have already reached PS10,000.

A Blue Snoopy was recently sold at the Phillips 29 Mai 2018 Hong Kong auction for nearly US$13,000.